Vittorio Bianchi was born in Busto Arsizio (Varese) in 1982. After earning a bachelor of Pharmacy degree in Parma he moved to Milan where he started to collaborate with the Anonimartisti collective and with performance artist Francesca Lolli. In 2014 he was nominated as a finalist for the Fondazione Henraux Prize and he got a note for the Celeste Prize Award. In 2015 nominated as a finalist for the Combat Art Prize. In 2019 he s been selected for Viafarini residency.

His work pivots around the idea of time by embracing a wide range of media such as photography, video, painting and music, often joined together. He focuses on single moments and repetition, investigating how
these aspects keep on changing and never repeat in our lives. Human behaviour, daily routines and few butblasting colors are the means by which the artist explores the world in order to reveal its most hidden sides.
From a sound point of view, Bianchi tries to evoke the accidental surroundings with a neorealistic approach, often by layering the sudden and the lyrical.